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Why Honors Analysis and Research Writing (HARW)?

Fast-forward – you are now a freshman attending the university you always dreamed of, but you are in an infamously difficult first-year 101 course. During the first class, you are assigned several research papers and a presentation to be completed during the course. As you attend your other courses during your first week of classes, you learn most of these also require research papers and at least one more presentation to the entire class!

Fortunately, you were in the HARC program and had taken HARW with Mr. Haegele. Therefore, you do not have the added freshman stress of attempting to teach yourself how to tackle college research projects or of gaining 25 pounds during your freshman year. You are well aware that a research paper for a college professor is so much more than just writing a persuasive essay.

You just take a deep breath and begin to follow the methodology, process steps, and tools you learned as a student in HARC HARW. Fairly soon you have an excellent topic from the list of candidate topics through your topic selection process and a valid research thesis from your preliminary research and questions. You also remember to determine the appropriate type of research paper to storyboard and you synthesize your thinking with the facts from the analysis of your research. Since you learned Turabian Chicago Style, APA, and MLA it is a snap to physically format, create in-text citations, and reference your sources for all of the papers. Those research tools you learned about in HARW really help make you efficient and organized.

Two of your classes also require class presentations based on research projects you are required to complete. Having been there and done that in HARW you know exactly how to open, close, and present with your own individual style learned in class. You are really glad Mr. Haegele videoed your presentation dry-run so you could make improvements to your own individual content and presentation style. Making the Dean’s List was a piece of cake.

What are the differences between the courses Honors Analysis and Research Writing (HARW) and Honors English 3 (both are worth one English credit)? Click Here!

Total enrollment for this course is limited to only 15 students!

This course is tuition-free.
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